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World’s first and only supplement created exclusively FOR runners BY runners!


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  • energy
  • strength
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Mr Run's Jet Fuel




World’s first and only all-in-one supplement created exclusively FOR runners BY runners!

Mr Run’s Jet Fuel

  • stay hydrated and run stronger, longer, lighter and more energised
  • based on decades of research in the fields of sports science and nutrition
  • results of studies on energy, endurance, hydration and running performance condensed into one unifying formulation
  • for runners of all ages and abilities


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World’s first supplement created for runners of all levels of fitness and ability.

Contains everything a runner needs during medium to long runs, whilst being easy on the stomach: carbohydrates, taurine and caffeine for energy, electrolytes to balance minerals lost through sweating, and amino acids beta alanine and creatine for strength and running endurance.

All-natural ingredients. Neutral in taste. Contains no additives, sweeteners or flavourings.

Dairy free, gluten free, egg and nut free. Suitable for vegans.


Best suited for runs that are longer than 45-50 minutes.
Contains 50mg caffeine per serving. Not suitable for persons under 18. Do not take whilst pregnant or nursing. Do not take more than four servings in a 24 hour period.

Instructions for use

Jet Fuel Unflavoured formulation is neutral in taste and best mixed with plain water. Alternatively it can be added to fruit juice. If you like your running drink to have a defined taste but don’t want to risk fruit juice being hard on your stomach we recommend simply adding your favourite cordial to water before adding Jet Fuel powder.

Use 3-6 teaspoons of powder for each hour of running, up to a maximum of 12 teaspoons. Do not take more than 12 teaspoons in a 24 hour period.


Boost in running hydration, strength, stamina and energy levels is achieved through the following active ingredients:

ELECTROLYTES: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium

Electrolytes are minerals that are crucial for smooth functioning of our body and keeping cells and organs well hydrated. Electrolytes are lost through sweating and cannot be replenished by drinking plain water. Supplementing electrolytes is advised during any prolonged, sweat-inducing exercise, such as medium and long distance running.
Possible symptoms of dehydration and low electrolyte levels in runners include: cramps, side stitches, muscle twitches, dizziness, confusion, general fatigue.

CARBOHYDRATES: dextrose (glucose) and sucrose

Quick-digesting carbohydrates such as glucose and sucrose are ideal source of energy for runners. These sugars are easily digested, meaning you don’t need to spend a lot of energy to break them down and absorb into blood – meaning you are left with more energy to spend on running! Once absorbed, sugars boost blood glucose to help your body produce more energy and to spare muscle glycogen – your ‘spare batteries’ – during a long run.


Creatine is an amino acid that has been scientifically proven to improve physical and mental health, and to increase athletic performance, strength and endurance in long distance runners.

Additional proven effects of creatine that can benefit runners include: improving recovery from strenuous exercise by reducing exercise-induced inflammation, improving muscle glucose metabolism and preserving muscle glycogen stores.

Scientific studies also indicate that the absorption rates and positive health effects of creatine could be even more pronounced when creating is taken alongside electrolytes, taurine and beta alanine.


This amino acid plays an important role in regulating energy metabolism in the body. It improves exercise performance and endurance by reducing the levels of oxidative stress and lactate, the molecule that is produced by the muscles during exercise and that triggers muscle pain and fatigue.


Amino acid that aids in the production of carnosine, a compound that plays a crucial role in muscle function, especially in older adults. Carnosine reduces lactic acid accumulation in muscles during exercise, which leads to improved physical performance. Beta alanine may enhance positive effects of creatine.


Supplementation with caffeine has been shown to enhance various aspects of physical exercise performance and endurance.

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