Mr Run’s Jet Fuel – Rapid Action Hydration, Energy & Endurance

  • fast absorbing all-in-one formula
  • delivers sustained energy and hydration
  • boosts performance and increases endurance


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Go faster, longer and stronger

Mr Run’s Jet Fuel was born out of frustration. As a novice short-distance recreational jogger turned ultra-marathon runner, I was in constant search of a perfect energy drink to fuel my increasingly demanding training sessions. Everything I tried, and I tried a lot, left me wanting for more. Many of the products were too sickly and sweet, leaving unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth, and quite a few left me with a ‘gut bomb’. Some provided a nice initial burst of energy followed by a crash, leaving me empty and stranded in the middle of nowhere.

After a lot of experimenting with different formulas and ingredients, testing, crashing, cramping, consulting with sports scientists and partnering with a sports nutritionist, tweaking and adjusting, my partner and I finally came up with a recipe that covered all grounds.

A drink that contains everything an athlete needs, whilst being easy on the stomach and leaving no aftertaste: electrolytes to balance minerals lost through sweating, caffeine for energy, and carbohydrates for strength and endurance.

Unlike most popular energy and hydration drinks, Mr Run’s Jet Fuel isn’t overly sweet or sickly. It is 100% natural and contains no artificial sweeteners, colours, isolates, excipients or preservatives It has a slightly sweet but mostly neutral flavour, meaning you can drink it as-is, or mix it with a flavouring of your choice.
Sucrose, Dextrose (Glucose), Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Gluconate, Magnesium Citrate, Caffeine Anhydrous, Calcium Carbonate.

Mr Run’s Jet Fuel has been designed to be taken during prolonged activity – in other words while you run, cycle or exercise. Alternatively it can also be taken before or after the activity, to avoid burnout and aid recovery. It is a perfect half marathon and marathon running fuel, and a perfect endurance fuel for any strenuous physical activity lasting longer than 45min, such as long distance swimming, cycling, trekking, rowing, or combat and team sports.

how to run faster and improve running form when marathon training

Go faster and longer

Mr Run’s Jet Fuel has been scientifically developed to help endurance athletes improve their performance. It will help you comfortably smash your PBs, whether you’re cycling London to Brighton or running your first half marathon.

best sports energy drink for cyclists runners triathletes

Instant energy

The rapid acting formula full of easily digestible carbs in our Jet Fuel amplifies your blood glucose levels and re-charges your glycogen stores to give you immediate energy to burn, rather than forcing you to wait for that extra boost to kick in.

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Ultimate hydration

The perfectly-balanced electrolyte ratio will keep away dehydration, so you won’t have to smash litre upon litre of water once you cross the finish line in order to try and capture all the salt and minerals you’ve lost while sweating.

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Easy on the stomach

We don’t do gut bombs! This quick-digesting formula won’t leave you bloated or gassy, meaning you can concentrate on catching the guy in front of you, instead of dealing with indigestion, stomach cramps or being ‘caught short!’

Proudly made in the UK

All our products are manufactured in the UK under strict quality controls and manufacturing guidelines in an ISO Class 8 Pharmaceutical room. The factory has been family-run for over 50 years and is MHRA, HFMA, AIB and FDA certified.

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Science & research

Mr Run’s Jet Fuel formula is based on decades of academic research in the fields of sports science, metabolism and nutrition to make sure you’re getting the perfect formula to enhance your performance without any nasty side effects.

When we engage in physical activity our muscles use carbohydrates as the main source of energy. During prolonged exercise and in the absence of carbohydrate intake from food, the body starts to use up the energy it has previously stored for ‘rainy days’. That stored form of energy is called glycogen. The carbohydrates in Mr Run’s Jet Fuel have been optimised to be rapidly digested and transported to your muscles fast, to top up your glycogen stores there before they run out. In this way the fuel helps you to maintain energy levels, avoid crashes and ‘bonks’, and delay the onset of fatigue.

Electrolytes are minerals that are crucial for smooth functioning of our body and keeping cells and organs well hydrated. Electrolytes are lost through sweating and cannot be replenished by drinking plain water. Supplementing electrolytes is advised during any prolonged, sweat-inducing exercise, such as medium and long distance running. Possible symptoms of dehydration and low electrolyte levels in runners include: cramps, side stitches, muscle twitches, dizziness, confusion, general fatigue.

Supplementation with caffeine has been shown to enhance various aspects of physical exercise performance and endurance.


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Allergies & warnings

Mr Run’s Jet Fuel is dairy free, gluten free, egg and nut free, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It contains no known allergens.

This product contains a low amount of caffeine and is therefore not suitable for pregnant or nursing women or anyone under the age of 18.