About us

At Mr Run we are passionate about active lifestyle. We create nutritional supplements for people engaging in regular physical activities –  runners, cyclists, swimmers, serious amateur athletes of all ages, abilities and fitness levels, with the aim of boosting energy levels, hydration, strength and endurance.

Our vision is for everyone to believe in themselves and keep achieving what they thought was impossible. For people to better themselves through pushing their mental and physical boundaries. We want recreational sports and exercise to be not only part of person’s way to achieve better fitness, better mental and physical health, but something that helps them feel more alive.

Mr Run

Hi there. I’m Mr Run. AKA Neven. The test dummy for all the versions of the products we have available to help runners and other athletes improve their performance! And keep them healthy.

Speaking of which, that was what got me into running originally; the need to get healthy. In 2016, when I was 52, my doctor told me I had severely high blood pressure and needed to start getting active if I didn’t want to die in the near-future. That woke me up like a cold shower.

I found an article on Couch to 5K and that was it for me; I never looked back. I did my first 5K within 9 weeks of being a sedentary couch potato, and I can now get them finished in about 25 minutes.

Once I’d finished the 5K challenge I knew I needed a bigger target. So I set out for the 10K challenge. This was actually a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I got tired quickly. And I didn’t recover easily either. I thought it might be something to do with my age perhaps. I’m sure you’ve experienced it too. As we get older it takes us a lot longer to get over anything. But I found the same situation for my runner friends who are a lot younger too. So clearly, age wasn’t the only contributing factor.

I started experimenting with various supplements and sports drinks but they always left me wanting more. Especially once I started increasing my distance to half marathon and full marathon. There were so many products out there, and conflicting information; I felt lost.

Eventually, Mrs Run got involved and started looking at what I was putting inside myself. Then, with her grounding in Nutrition and Sports Health and Science she worked with me to create the supplement I needed to get me running longer and faster than ever before. It also aided me with my recovery and meant I didn’t get fatigued as much. And that was how my Jet Fuel was created.

Pretty soon we realised we had to share this with the running community. Especially because all the ingredients are natural rather than artificial nasties, like most of our competitors out there.

So that’s what we did. And now you’re here. So make sure to stop by the shop and try some Jet Fuel today. You’ll be glad you did.

Bye for now.

Mrs Run

Hi there. I’m Mrs Run. AKA Nat. I’m the woman behind the curtain. The creator of Mr Run’s Jet fuel. The great woman behind the great man (or so I’ve been told).

My story of fitness and running isn’t anywhere near as impressive as Mr Run’s, unfortunately. I’m a sporadic runner. But I do appreciate a healthy lifestyle and I do like to exercise. And I simply love reading about sports, biology, nutrition and health – and how they all interlink to improve personal and sporting performance.

And that personal dedication and interest paid dividends once Mr Run started to increase his running distances. As he says in his bio, there’s so much conflicting information out there he found it difficult to find the right solution. Especially because of all the various products available too. But that’s where I came in.

I started looking into the products he was trying out and realised they could be produced much cheaper and much simpler, and much more closer to home. And they could also have all natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives or nasties. So that’s what I did.

I liaised with relevant experts around the world, sourced a local factory that would produce our first product – Mr Run’s Jet Fuel, and here we are: with a product that does exactly what a long distance runner needs it to do.

Going forwards, we’ll be looking to create many more products all borne out of Mr Run’s experiences. So watch this space to see more science-backed solutions for people who take their recreational sports, and their health and fitness, seriously.

Bye for now.