Step Up Your Running – How To Run Beyond 5K

by | 28 Apr 2021 | Advanced running

I have written blogs about each of my running journeys, including my first steps to run beyond 5K, but I keep getting asked about a simple ‘all-in-one-place’ guide.

The long wait is finally over, the guide is here, fresh and crisp!

Whether you are simply keen about reaching 10K or half marathon, or go all the way to the Big 42K or further into ultra marathon territory, it’s all covered in my Ambitious Runner’s Special, or Guide To Travel Beyond 5K.


The ‘WHY’: The road beyond 5K is wide open

When we get more interested in running, we tend to dig deeper and get more serious and curious about it. The road ahead opens up.

Unlike a top pro who is constantly being pushed and judged, we can run an easy 5K on a Tuesday evening or a marathon at dawn on any given Thursday. We can go anywhere and try anything.

local park ideal for new runners

We rule and call the shots.

We can even decide to stop the run and go home if we dislike the weather. Our options are whatever options we think of being good options. And if that’s not good enough, we can constantly change them.

I love running. No pressure. Just fun.

Except when it’s a wee bit hard but even then it’s physically and mentally rewarding.

The ‘HOw’: The wisdom gained and sharing what I’ve learnt

Hyde Park in London is a great place to run

Photo by Nitin Arya from Pexels

When it comes to running choices I tried a few distances simply because I could.

After 5K I moved to 10K, shortly followed by another 10 (miles) or 16K. That being on half marathon’s doorstep I couldn’t resist to reach that target as well. Given that I never do things half heartedly, I then went further and completed the full marathon.

And you know what happens next, don’t you?

50K ultra is literally a few steps away, and it made perfect sense to explore that avenue as well.

And so I did.

You can revisit my various running blogs that cover all those topics – my running to and past 5k to ultra marathon, and every step in between, how I achieved each distance and the lessons learnt.  You can also get all that wisdom condensed in this quick guide by downloading it for free👇

Keep running, keep exploring & keep having fun!

Cover photo by Interactive Sports on Unsplash


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